Städtische Galerie KUBUS
Theodor-Lessing-Platz 2
30159 Hannover

Sofia Greff

Photo: M. Russinek

Sofia Greff (DE) is born in 1975. She studied Fine Arts at the Kunsthochschule Kassel and graduated at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste - Städelschule in Frankfurt and at Dartington College of Arts.
"At the beginning there is the curiosity and fascination about how the appearance of things changes depending on its relations. My works mirror the astonishment’s, contradictions and irritations caused by this phenomenon. I see my life running on and in a multitude of platforms and frames which cross and inform each other. Privacy, intimacies, fears, hopes,trivialities and embarrassments are all woven into my work. Inspired to work with a minimum of materials, mainly ordinary and simple things related to the respective site or idea, my art stems from a curiosity and fascination about how things function together in a variety of different possible connections, how they appear unfolding a broadness of possible interpretations. The continuous transformation and alteration of perception touches my emotional state, and it changes my beliefs steadily and constantly. There seems to be no absolute. Instead there exists a perpetual inconstancy."